#StopHate campaign from Boy Meets Girl Inc. and In Kidz Co.

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

The National School Climate Center at Ramapo for Children is excited to be part of the #StopHate campaign from Boy Meets Girl Inc. and In Kidz Co.

The #StopHate campaign was created in response to the growing anxiety many of us feel about the state of our country. Kids and adults are looking for ways to process and grow up in a time where we’ve seen a rise in bullying behavior and hate crimes. The #StopHate box from InKidz and Boy Meets Girl includes NSCC’s Community Champion pledge, which is one way of commiting to a positive school climate and ending bullying. The box contains toys, games, and accessories that teach kids about bullying, and NSCC has included resources for parents and educators on how to talk to kids about it.

The box includes a pledge from the NSCC BullyBust campaign that kids can sign that shows their commitment to being a “Community Champion.” The pledge postcard also has a QR code that links to further resources on our site that are specially written for students, educators, and parents.

A portion of the proceeds of the #StopHate box will be donated back to the National School Climate Center in support of our programs that help school communities create positive school climates. We know that by creating a positive school climate, we are deterring bullying from happening and promoting ally behavior, as a positive school climate is one where students feel safe, supported, and engaged.


About the National School Climate Center at Ramapo for Children

The National School Climate Center is a nonprofit with more than two decades of experience working with schools, districts, and states nationwide to help the entire school community—administrators, staff, students, and parents – improve the climate for learning. Our mission is to help school communities measure, improve and sustain positive school climates that will ensure all students realize their fullest potential as learners, individuals, and engaged members of society. NSCC achieves this through measurement, research, and educational services that support a model for whole school improvement. Visit our website to learn more about our services: www.schoolclimate.org.

Learn more: https://wwd.com/business-news/markets/boy-meets-girl-seeks-to-stophate-with-back-to-school-collaboration-1234892914/


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