School Climate Leadership Certification

The School Climate Leadership Certification is back!

Become a Certified Leader in School Climate Transformation!
Elevate Your School’s Environment in this Expert-Led Course

NSCC’s highly acclaimed SCLC is back in an entirely new, fully accessible format. Now, educators from around the US and the world can participate in this 12-week online course.

Join our webinar on July 24th to hear from SCLC coaches and past participants.

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Program Overview:The SCLC program equips educational leaders with the knowledge base and competencies necessary to create and sustain a positive school climate. It emphasizes the importance of collaborative leadership in school climate improvement and builds capacity for developing a shared vision and effectively utilizing data and action plans to foster equitable, safe, supportive, and healthy climates. Our research-driven approach ensures that you receive high-quality, evidence-based training.

  1. Weekly Live Class Sessions with Skills Lab:

– Engage in dynamic, interactive live classes led by experienced facilitators and subject matter experts.

– Participate in skills labs designed to provide you with tangible, actionable information you can immediately apply in your school.

– Benefit from discussions, case studies, and Q&A sessions tailored to your interests and needs.

  1. Interactive and Supportive Cohort Experience:

– Join a collaborative cohort of like-minded educators and administrators, fostering a supportive learning community.

– Engage with peers, share insights, and build meaningful connections throughout the program.

– Receive ongoing support and guidance from facilitators and fellow participants.

3.  Course led by School Climate Experts with Optional Coaching for Additional Support:

– The Fall, 2024 session of SCLC is led by NSCC Co-Executive Director, Christian Villenas, PhD & NSCC Coach and Founder of JustEducators, Kori Hamilton Biagas.  

– Enhance your learning experience with additional personalized coaching sessions from an experienced school climate coach. 


Program Details

Program Details:

– Duration: 12 weeks, October 1-December 17, 2024, with an asynchronous week during Thanksgiving.

– Live Class Schedule: Weekly on Tuesdays, 90 minutes per session (60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of engagement).

– Certification Requirements: Attend at least 8 sessions and complete weekly assignments, culminating in a school climate plan.

Program Fees:

– Total Program Cost: $1,200

  • Deposit: $100 (Applied to Total Program Cost–Refundable through August 15th)
    • Discounts
      • Early Registration (if paid in full by August 31st): $150 off per person
      • Group Registration Discount (2 or more people registering together from one district or school): $200 off per person 
      • Discounts cannot be combined.

– Scholarships are available on a limited basis.  To inquire about scholarships, please email

  • Additional Coaching (Optional)
    • 3 hours of one-on-one coaching: $999


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Join our webinar on July 24th to hear from SCLC coaches and past participants.

The SCLC provides a full range of support materials and on-staff guidance as you work through the course to ensure success. To inquire about joining this program, please email us,

Webinar Registration

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