Purchasing the CSCI

Online CSCI Surveys
Includes all versions of the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) surveys: School Personnel, Parents/ Guardians, Students – Elementary or Middle/High version

School Climate Portal
Online support site that includes detailed recommendations, checklists for administering the surveys, sample letter templates, and real-time online response rate data.

CSCI Report
Comprehensive, customized PDF report with graphic-rich data and recommended guidelines. Includes both narrative and numerical analysis of the major findings plus a summary of the report highlights.

Action Planning Resources
Includes Action Planning Resources that complement your CSCI Report and help to support the process of defining key priorities and outlining areas to target for future action plans.


  • Base package pricing is determined on a sliding scale based on student enrollment. The price includes online versions for all three populations (parents, students, and school personnel) and all other features noted above.
  • Paper surveys cost an additional $1.75 each to cover printing and scanning fees and includes freight costs.

For more information about the CSCI, please contact:
Amanda Weitzel, School Support Manager
212.707.8799 ext 25

To order and receive a price quote for administering the CSC, contact Amanda Weitzel.