Youth Engagement and Intergenerational Leadership

Target Audience: School and District Leaders

When youth are engaged and supporting intergenerational school improvement efforts, it provides an essential foundation for learning and school climate improvement efforts. NSCC is invested in recognizing and supporting youth voice and intergenerational school improvement efforts. Empowering youth supports their learning and healthy development, and, typically, youth have understandings and ideas that schools leaders and parents need to learn from.

This package considers developmental principles and transitions that relate to youth engagement and intergenerational leadership. As part of this service, school and district leaders will work with an experienced consultant who will provide support on how to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of developmental transitions and how they impact youth engagement in school
  • Understand what the initiatives/programs are already in place that encourage youth engagement and intergenerational leadership efforts
  • Identify developmentally appropriate ways to support youth leadership/intergenerational initiatives in school in one of the following two ways:

i) Focusing on bully-victim-bystander behavior and the range of ways that youth can support this learning and improvement efforts

ii) Supporting school-community partnerships