What Others Have Said

“NSCC has become an invaluable resource for my work as a teacher educator working with pre-service and in-service teachers in general elementary education. NSCC is a professional resource of the highest caliber!”

—Robert Burke, Ph.D.,Associate Professor in Education, Ball State University, Indiana

“NSCC has an outstanding national reputation for distilling empirical research and best practices for effective social and emotional education and violence prevention.”

—Steven Marans, Ph.D. Director, National Center for Children Exposed to Violence, Yale University.

“The National School Climate Center has been one of the sources inspiring the introduction of trails in social and emotional learning in Swedish schools. In this regard, it may well prove to play a leading role, bring people from around the world together.”

—Birgitta Kimber, Teacher and co-principle investigator: Primary prevention of psychological ill-health among children and adolescents through social emotional learning in school project, Department of Behavioral Sciences, Linköping University, Sweden

“The educational insights, resources and networking offered by NSCC are required resources for any religious organization looking for a language, content and methodology for truly effective moral and spiritual education. NSCC continues to plumb the depths of sound theory and practice in social and emotional learning, a dimension often lacking clarity in religious approaches to virtue, character, values, and spirituality education. Here is a one-stop shop for getting savvy about ways to teach the ‘heart’ as well as the ‘head’.”

—Mark Markuly, Ph.D., Director of Religious Education, Catholic Diocese of Belleville in Illinois