FAQ’s About Consultation Services

What is the focus of NSCC’s consultation work?
NSCC does not have any one curriculum or “agenda” with regard to what the focus on work “should” be. Like every person, each school has its own history, strengths, needs and goals. We are invested in understanding this and building on your current and previous efforts and goals.

What kind of consultation services do you provide?
We offer a wide range of consultation services that can be tailored to your school or organizations specific needs. These include:

  • Leadership or staff coaching, in private or small group sessions
  • Assistance in strategizing the execution of any of the five stages of school climate improvement (planning, evaluation, action planning, implementation, re-evaluation)
  • Developing collaborative networks among school leaders to share best practices on school climate issues
  • Identifying appropriate school climate research resources and materials that specifically address a school’s/organization’s needs

When NSCC consults to a school and district, is this work confidential?
Yes. As NSCC is a teaching and learning center, there may be instances where we would request that a school and district talk about our work together and/or co-author a paper. But, this is always up to the school’s and district to do this or not.

How much does it cost to work with NSCC?
Depending on the service and package, our prices vary. Please contact us at info@schoolclimate.org to find out more.

Does NSCC conduct consultations over the telephone?
Yes. In fact, many schools often spend telephone time with NSCC staff to understand the results and think about ways to use these findings to build community and/or support school climate improvement efforts.

We are using the CSCI. How can NSCC further support our efforts to improve school climate and school improvement initiatives?
We encourage you to consider using the CSCI as an indicator of trends in perceptions among students, staff and teachers at your school. Depending on the results of the CSCI, you may want to schedule professional development services for your staff or teachers to facilitate discussion of the survey findings. Please explore our Educational Services to learn more.