Equity and Diversity

Target Audience: School and District Leaders

An equitable school community provides its stakeholders with full access to all of the educational, social, emotional, and relational offerings required for achievement and engagement. The intentional construction of equitable school environments results from an adjustment in mindset preceded by the examination of data, engagement in self-reflection, and investigation of systemic barriers. Safety, positive relationships, engaging teaching and learning, and physical, emotional, and mental connectedness should be prioritized in school climate improvement efforts.

Equity and diversity offerings build the capacity for school and school district leaders to address the complexities of changing demographics within school and community populations. This set of educational offerings provides services support the navigation of an increasingly diverse school and local communities.

As part of this package, school and district leaders will work with an experienced NSCC consultant to:

  • Identify and analyze school climate data with an equity lens.
  • Provide training on the effects of implicit bias on school climate creation and improvement.
  • Consult on disproportionate exclusionary discipline practice and policy.
  • Identify best practices leading to action plan development and implementation.
  • Review existing state and/or district school climate related policies (bullying/harassment, attendance, discipline, academic placement) and provide recommendations regarding their alignment with comprehensive school climate policy.