District-Level School Climate/SEL Improvement

Target Audience: School and District Leaders

NSCC’s multi-year district-wide school climate improvement model is rooted in extensive school climate, SEL, and implementation science research and harnesses over 20 years of experience.

NSCC’s comprehensive school climate improvement process is embedded with SEL, bully prevention, and diversity inclusion best practices. This process is designed to recognize past efforts of your school community, support current goals, and facilitate sustainable school climate improvement processes.

NSCC provides:

  • Leadership development and capacity building for educators concentrating on school climate improvement implementation and sustainability practices.
  • Student and inter-generational leadership development for youth and educators intended to increase student engagement and voice while improving connectivity and collaboration between youth and adults in the school community.
  • A school climate/SEL “Road Map” that provides the details of NSCCs unique process for learning about and improving school climate including tools, guidelines, templates, and other resources needed to work toward school climate improvement.
  • Assessment tools including a readiness tool and a comprehensive school climate survey (if needed) to support a community wide and data driven process for learning and creating sustainable school climate improvement.
  • District level policy review and recommendations for policy reform including review of district policy related to safe and supportive schools, bully prevention, discipline and other policies related to school climate and SEL efforts. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Network Improvement Communities (NIC) via an online platform to support collaborative adult learning for educators nationwide.