Data to Action

Target Audience: School and District Leaders

Effective school climate/SEL improvement efforts require a deep understanding of the complex relationship between behavior (adult and student) and academic achievement. NSCC supports school leaders in using integrated data sets to expand their understanding of data related to prosocial behavior and engage in an intentional, data-driven, collaborative improvement process.

NSCC’s acclaimed Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) has supported thousands of schools through a data-driven school climate improvement process. We also provide services to schools and districts that utilize other school climate survey instruments to support them in turning data into actionable school climate improvement steps.

Our Data to Action services allow school and district leaders to work with an experienced consultant to:

  • Understand how survey administration can advance the engagement of students, school staff, families, and community members.
  • Learn about the growing range of prosocial (e.g. school climate and SEL informed) measurement tools.
  • Identify strengths and areas of growth across the data sets.
  • Connect data to other efforts within the school or district.
  • Identify and/or strengthen their school improvement efforts based on best practices that maximize their impact in prosocial school improvement efforts to improve school climate.
  • Use data to support ongoing re-evaluation strategies (sustainability).