Educational Services

NSCC is a pioneer in the movement that a positive school climate is crucial to preventing dropout and bullying behaviors, promoting school attendance, reducing substance abuse, and supporting social-emotional health. Over the past 20 years, we have supported school, district, and state leaders in translating research into practice. Today, NSCC makes keynote presentations and offers a range of customized consultation, trainings, and technical assistance services that support strategic, data-driven and collaborative approaches to sustainable school climate/SEL improvement efforts.

NSCC works with schools, districts, and states to:

  1. Support multi-tiered coaching, trainings, and technical assistance tailored to your needs and strengths.
  2. Support multi-year, sustainable school climate/SEL improvement efforts.

Our Approach

We have aligned our services to evidence-based implementation science findings to increase impact and support sustainability with schools, districts, and states. NSCC emphasizes:

  • Assessing needs and strengths to establish goals and inform implementation
  • Identifying and/or strengthening approaches based on best practices to maximize impact in prosocial school improvement efforts
  • Measuring a continuous process of learning and improvement
  • Building leadership capacity
  • Developing staff skills
  • Engaging students and others in the school community to be co-learners and co-leaders of the improvement process

Getting Started


Step 1
NSCC offers an initial complementary 30-minute consultation to understand the needs of your school or district.


Step 2
NSCC proposes a package and works to ensure our services meet your needs.


Step 3
Once we come to an agreement, we will pair you with an identified school climate expert

NSCC understands that each school is different. All of our educational services are:

  • Grounded in an understanding of your goals.
  • Facilitated via face to face and virtual consultations and supported with a rich and growing collection of online resources (through our School Climate Resource Center).
  • Grounded in a data-driven approach that integrates various data sets, such as school climate, academic and behavioral data, to support action planning and the school climate improvement process.

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