We are proud to offer community-building resources through BullyBust, our nationwide anti-bullying campaign.


NSCC is grateful to the following organizations for their generous support of BullyBust.


We are also honored to share our Community Champions Pledge in the #StopHate box from InKidz and Boy Meets Girl.  InKidz and Boy Meets Girl are collaborating to help kids & families become active participants in fighting bullying and spreading kindness. They are donating part of the proceeds of each #StopHate box to NSCC.


Students: Become A Community Champion

When we work together and stand strong against bullying, we are creating communities that are stronger, safer, and more supportive – places where every person is valued for who they are. Read our 10 Ways to Be a Community Champion and download the Community Champion Pledge to learn tips on stopping and preventing bullying, and to show your commitment to being a community champion!

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Parents: Learn To Foster Positive Climates

Our resource, #Stophate by #Expandinglove, has tips to help parents and caregivers to connect with children around tough topics, like bullying, racism, and more. 

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Educators: Develop Bully Prevention Efforts

As an educator, you play a central role in creating an environment that is safe, supportive, engaging, and helpfully challenging for all students. A comprehensive—individual, small group, school-wide and school-community wide—effort to prevent bully-victim behavior and promote ally behavior is a foundation to achieving this goal. Check out our Educator page to access the best practices guide on Comprehensive Bully Prevention and Pro-Allyship Efforts.

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