Peer-reviewed Articles

A review of school climate research

Thapa A., Cohen J., Guffey, S., & Higgins-D’Alessandro, A. (2013)

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Volume: 83 Issue: 3

Recognizing community voice and a youth-led school-community partnership in the school climate improvement process

Ice, M., Thapa, A., & Cohen, J. (2015)

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Volume: 25 Issue: 1

Involvement in extracurricular activities: Identifying differences in perceptions of school climate.

Martinez, A., Coker, C., McMahon, S., Cohen, J., & Thapa, A. (2016)

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Volume: 33 Issue: 1

School climate: Research, policy, teacher education and practice.

Cohen, J., McCabe, E.M., Michelli, N.M., & Pickeral, T. (2009)

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Volume: 111 Issue: 1

Rethinking Effective Bully and Violence Prevention Effects: Promoting Healthy School Climates, Positive Youth Development, and Preventing Bully-Victim-Bystander Behavior

Cohen, J., Espelage, D., Twemlow, S.W, Berkowitz, M.W. & Comer, J.P. (2015)

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Volume: 15

Social, Emotional, Ethical, and Academic Education: Creating a Climate for Learning, Participation in Democracy, and Well-Being

Cohen, J. (2006)

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Volume: 76 Issue:2

Research Briefs and Reports

School Climate Research Summary—August 2012

The National School Climate Center (2012)

Over the past two decades, researchers and educators have increasingly recognized the importance of K-12 school climate. This summary builds on our 2009 school climate research summary (Cohen, McCabe, Michelli, & Pickeral, 2009) as well as our 2010 School Climate Research Summary and details how school climate is associated with and/ or promotes safety, healthy relationships, engaged learning and teaching and school improvement efforts. With a few exceptions, the citations in this issue represent empirical studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.