Parent Education Workshop

Parent Education Workshop

Self Care For The Caregiver: In this workshop we will learn some practical tools for taking care of ourselves while at home, so that we can continue to be effective caregivers for our children.

 Keep it Moving: Energizer and Calming For The Whole Family: In this workshop we will practice some fun, practical ways to move our bodies while at home, from energetic movement to deep breathing and relaxing yoga poses.

Building Relationships: Connecting While At Home: Being at home can be challenging. In this workshop we will identify specific tools for connecting with our children in a fun, unpressured way.

Creating Structure and Routines While At Home: In this workshop we will learn tools for creating structure at home, from online schooling to planning for downtime, completing chores, and practicing life skills.

Meeting Sensory Needs At Home: In this workshop we will learn tools for ensuring that our children’s sensory needs are being met while at home.

Coping With Conflict While At Home: In this workshop we will discuss our triggers and challenges of being at home, and learn tools for managing overwhelming feelings.

Collaborating with Partners: In this workshop we will plan for success with paras, therapists, guidance counselors and family members.

Family Teamwork: In this workshop we will discuss ideas for Self Care for families. Sharing ideas for how to implement fun activities for the entire family.

Skill Building for Children: Are there any skills that you’ve wanted to teach your child(ren), but didn’t have the time? In this workshop we will identify and plan for teaching your children new skills.

Parent Community Circle: Let’s join together to share our experiences and challenges, to listen and feel heard, and to give each other support during this time.

Back To School for Parents: This workshop describes five ways parents and caregivers can support their child with their schoolwork at home, even though parents may not be familiar with the content, methods, or the English language.

Platicas For Families at Home: Hopes and Wishes A “platica” is a Spanish word for a chat between friends. The connotation of the word is one of a warm, intimate talk around a kitchen table, without pressure of having to come to a decision or action, but merely to understand the other and to be understood. This workshop will offer a way that families who are at home together during this enforced period of shelter at home, can talk to each other about things they are feeling and thinking during these times of immense change.

Consejos A Los Abuelos (Counsel to The Grandparents) This workshop is targeted for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, or who have foster children under their care. The conversation is meant to be a warm invitation, like a kitchen table chat with a good friend.