NSCC Announced As Founding Member of The Choose Kindness Alliance

Friday, October 7th, 2022

The National School Climate Center at Ramapo NYC is excited to share that we are joining 20+ other organizations as part of the Choose Kindness Project. Supported by ABC, ESPN and the Walton Family Foundation.The Choose Kindness Project is dedicated to inspiring a more inclusive world where all young people feel empowered to be themselves and feel safe to create the futures they imagine.
The alliance was created to support three major issue areas affecting young children – bullying prevention, intentional inclusion, and youth mental wellness.
As part of The Choose Kindness Project we are excited to expand our youth-led school climate and bullying prevention offerings with three new programs supported by ESPN.This includes a new year of the Communities of Courage program and two new exciting programs exploring kindness with young people and student athletes.

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