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The Education Department offers a wide variety of services ranging from professional development to School Climate Leadership Certification. Reach out to our Education Department if you are interested in these services or would like more guidance on how to start the school climate improvement process in your school community.

National School Climate Council

In 2007, the Education Commission of the States and NSCC formed the National School Climate Council, a non-partisan group of policy and practice leaders involved with a range of educational, policy, collaborative and advocacy efforts. The NSCC is the ‘home’ for the Council.

History: In 2006 the National School Climate Center (NSCC) and the Education Commission of the States conducted a State Department of Education school climate policy scan that revealed a glaring and socially unjust gap between school climate research and school climate policy, practice and teacher education. The Council’s mission is to narrow the gap to support student learning and positive youth development.

The School Climate Community Council considers a positive School Climate to include. . .

  • Norms, values and expectations that support people feeling socially, emotionally and physically safe.
  • People are engaged and respected.
  • Students, families and educators work together to develop, live and contribute to a shared school vision.
  • Educators model and nurture an attitude that emphasizes the benefits and satisfaction from learning.
  • Each person contributes to the operations of the school and the care of the physical environment.

Whitney Allgood

Chief Executive Officer

Ivon Yin

Senior Finance and Admin Coordinator

Amanda Weitzel

School Support Manager

Mylisa Nogra

Senior Client and Community Relations Coordinator

Christian Villenas

Senior Director of Research, Evaluation, and Measurement

Susan Zelinski

Manager, Research and Evaluation