Before/After the Institute

Before the Institute

School Leadership Self Study Assessment: Participants will have the option of asking their schools leadership team to complete a school climate leadership Assessment. All schools are ‘ready’ to support school climate improvement efforts. And, all schools – like all people – present with their unique history, strengths, needs and goals. This assessments supports school leaders considering what it will be most helpful to focus on during the Planning and Preparation phase.

Participants will be invited to bring the following information/documents to the Institute:

  • A copy of their current school improvement plan.
  • Current district-level bully prevention and/or school climate/safe schools and/or drop out prevention policies.
  • Data that is currently used to shape prevention/health promotion efforts (e.g. school climate survey findings; bully informed information/data).

After the Institute

Participants will be provided with access to NSCC’s School Climate Resource Center (SCRC) learning modules: The Five Stage Improvement Process. These modules provide detailed sets of information about the tasks and challenges that shape school climate improvement, protocol and guidelines designed to support educators addressing and mastering these tasks, research about each of the stages, expert voices, and more. Participants will have access to these online resources for two months after the Institute.

Participants will also be invited to join an online professional learning community that supports K-12 educators, school based mental health professionals, school consultants and others: Promoting teaching and learning.

Provisional School Climate Leadership certification: All participants will receive provisional certification of school climate leadership. Participants will have the option of completing the School Climate Leadership Program. For details about the Leadership program, see: