Student leadership

Supporting student engagement and leadership: Research has shown that the most effective programs that promote Upstander behavior and prevent bullying in a school incorporate student voice, engagement and student leadership. When students are invited to “buy in” to the solutions and take ownership in co-creating an improved school climate, the outcomes are stronger, more meaningful and longer lasting.

NSCC has created BullyBust: Promoting a Community of Upstanders and Upstander Central sites to support student leadership in this area as well as to provide everyone in the school community – parents, educators and students – with information and guidelines on ways to reduce mean, cruel and bullying behavior and promote a community of Upstanders.

NSCC has created the Upstander Alliance Tool Kit (with both a moderator and a student guide) to promote student voice in anti-bullying efforts. This linked set of web-based resources are designed to support K-12 students and student teams, in collaboration with adult moderators at the school, in two overlapping ways. First, to raise awareness about mean, cruel and bullying behavior,. And, secondly, to take steps that will help to transform your school from a community of bystanders to a community of Upstanders (socially responsible students and adults). In addition to these detailed tool kits, the Upstander Central was created as a space where youth could share their best practices, connect with other Upstander Alliances across the country, and receive tips and encouragement from experts, youth leaders, and celebrities committed to standing strong against bullying.

To learn more about the Upstander Alliance guidelines, resources, activities and Upstander Central that supports BullyBust's Upstander student teams, click here.