NSCC has translated research into practice guidelines in a range of ways. To learn more about Bully prevention/Pro-Upstander Guidelines:
  • For Students, click here
  • For parents, click here
  • For Educators, click here
  • The four major ways that educators and parents can be intentional and helpful social, emotional and civic teachers, click here
I spoke with the students about this. Do we want war or peace? If we can teach the children how to deal with conflict in ways that do not exclude but include, that do not break down but build up and empower, then the future can be bright. Thank you for BullyBust. It is important. Debra Leporati, Teacher at Warwick Valley Middle School, NY

These guidelines grow out of our BullyBust/Upstander Alliance work. In 2009, NSCC launched BullyBust, which provides free resources to help students and adults take a stand against bullying and prevent the harmful teasing, harassment, and violence that is far too prevalent in our schools today. And in 2011, NSCC launched The Upstander Alliance as a way to more fully engage students and empower them to create a community of Upstanders at their school. A key component of BullyBust is the Partner School Program, which provides concrete tools, lesson plans, and guided activities to support educators and students in promoting a comprehensive school-wide effort to address this toxic behavior by creating positive communities of Upstanders.