The National School Climate Center's BullyBust: Promoting a Community of Upstanders campaign provides free supports to schools nationwide to help students and adults become part of the solution to end harmful harassment, teasing, and violence in our nation's schools. Through BullyBust: Promoting a Community of Upstanders, schools have access to concrete, research-based resources that educate adults and youth on how to take a stand against bullying and create a positive community of Upstanders—people who recognize when bullying occurs and safely act to make it right. Recent statistics show that every 7 minutes a child is bullied, and 85% of the time there is NO Intervention. However, a school-wide commitment to end bullying can reduce the problem by up to 50%. Through BullyBust, schools can:

  • Join the Partner School Program and access free classroom-based and school-wide toolkits, resources, and guided activities to educate the entire community on effective bully prevention steps.
  • Connect with a global community of supporters through the Upstander Commitment Wall and Stand Up Pledge.
  • Empower youth to create a community-wide awareness and bully prevention effort through the Upstander Alliance.
  • Learn from schools, experts, youth leaders, and celebrity ambassadors nationwide through the Upstander Central!
The BullyBust Partner School Program was a huge success! Our kids are now reporting the "Upstanders" of the school instead of the bullies. The reports of bullying have gone down over half of the reports from last year! The teachers and students are so happy we began this program. Thank you!
—Carol Little
School Counselor, Harrisburg District (Weiner, Arkansas)

Join the movement! Because together, we can stand strong against bullying...for good!