Advocacy and Trends in Policy

There is growing interest in developing school climate policy. Educational leaders, policy makers and advisors are increasingly appreciative that supporting students’ positive youth development and capacity to learn in —and in life—rests on the norms, values and expectations that shape and color how safe we feel, how we treat one another and how engaged and meaningful learning and teaching is. And, feeling safe, supported, engaged and helpfully challenged in K-12 schools promotes student achievement.

NSCC, in partnership with the National Center for Learning and Citizenship and Education Commission of the States, has taken a national leadership role in documenting that there a gap between school climate research on the one hand and school climate policy and practice on the other. The National School Climate Council that we have formed has developed a series of recommendations for policy makers as well as practice, research and teacher education leaders.

  • To see the Councils recommendations for Practice Leaders, click here.
  • To see the Councils recommendations for Policy makers, click here.
  • To see the Councils recommendations for Teacher Educators, click here.

If you decide to work on one of these recommendations, please let us know.